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Miss Shai Shai, the Sunflower Princess

Length: 48 pages18 minutes


Welcome to Sunflower Valley. Come and visit the sunflower field where many beautiful sunflowers live.
Come, meet Miss Shai-Shai. She’s the Princess. Her only job is to look beautiful and she does her job very well. You will also meet her brother, Man-Man, her cousin Bam Harp, Jeremiah their human friend and Reco the three-legged, one-eyed, bald-headed, toothless polecat.
Join the adventure as they ride a train through the mountains, make honey bunnies, go to the glowing cabbage patch, play mojo rocks, eat at Steve and Leary’s Eel & Shale Restaurant, while they learn about love, respect, and friendship.
It’s all happening in Sunflower Valley, in the sunflower field.

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