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Pegged for his Sins

Length: 33 pages29 minutes


She succeeds in trapping her victim, and now has him at her mercy.

Slowly revealing her methods of excruciating torture and revenge, she takes her victim on a brutal night he will never forget.

A night where her anger and desires become darker and more intense than she could have imagined.

Enter Vivian’s mind as her lucky victim feels her wrath as he surrenders under her dominant spell and as she take him on an unforgettable night of pegging, ass worship, rimming and relentless tease and denial.........

Vivian has heard all of the rumours about Dave.

He was a womaniser, a cheat, treated women he met with disrespect and as sexual objects.

She had heard he had even tricked woman into pregnancy and then just disappeared.

But what he was most notable for was ‘accidentally’ slipping into the wrong hole during sex. This was the reputation he loved among his male peers.

However, it was this reputation that was going to lead to his forced journey to emasculation.

While passing each other, Dave catches the attention of Vivian. He hopes to get inside of her knickers.

Vivian has plans of her own, dressed in the most provocative of outfits, she plans on giving him a taste of his own medicine by teaching him a lesson for all the woman he has wronged.........

This 7500 word short story contains mature themes including pegging, ass worship , ballbusting and a determined woman’s journey on emasculating a man for the women he has wrong..................

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