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The Wild Wolf's Wife 3 in 1: The Wild Wolf's Wife

Length: 399 pages3 hours


This Volume contains all 3 novellas in the complete Wild Wolf's Wife Series

Jolie Farris just found out that, as an omega, she's to be mated against her will to the one person she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life with.

Knowing a future of misery is on her doorstep, Jolie does the one thing she never thought she would do, the one thing she should have done years ago. She runs away, straight to Liam, the banished wolf from her childhood, and her former best friend.

Hoping for protection, Jolie's welcome isn't exactly warm as Liam has his doubts about her, and himself. A wild wolf can hardly provide a good life for anyone, even himself, and yet when Jolie's fiancé comes to collect, the wild card Jolie decided to play in Liam might just be their only hope.

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