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The Entrepreneurship Master-Plan: Re-defining the fundamentals, critical tools and practice of 21st century entrepreneurship

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Based on its pivotal role as the sole means of creating value and wealth across all industries, markets and economies as well as its ability to ensure both the optimization of the resources and opportunities that are offered by existing industries and markets and the creation of new opportunities, resources, industries and markets, it is certain that:

- Entrepreneurship is and will remain the preeminent economic force of all-time and

- Entrepreneurs will always be the master-builders of all economies as well as the most influential economic change agents and leaders!
However, the paradox is that this book is largely influenced by the recognition of the overwhelming evidence that the long-standing economic pre-eminence and ever-growing popularity of entrepreneurship are scarcely matched by the appreciation of the fundamental need to articulate the set of principles of entrepreneurial thought and action that can accurately capture and reflect its deep philosophical roots, creative fundamentals, core practice paradigm and critical tools! It is absolutely impossible for the master-builders of all economies to meet the entrepreneurial challenges of the 21st century without being equipped with a first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship master-plan that is designed as the framework that will best equip and position entrepreneurs for the all-important pursuit of entrepreneurial change!

One of the highlights of THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP MASTER-PLAN is the introduction of the concept of mind-to-market entrepreneurship which is fully-supported with mind-to-market principles and practice tools! The Master-builders of all industries, markets and economies are long overdue for an Entrepreneurship Master-plan!

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