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Saving the Seal: Saving the Seal, #1

145 pages2 hours


A Steamy BWWM Navy Seal Interracial Romance

This is a full-length novel with no cliffhangers

Doctor Genevieve Thomas has known her calling since she was a young girl. Her father's suicide in the wake of his service in the Vietnam War drove her to be a psychiatrist specializing in Veteran services, and she's utterly devoted to her cause. However, when the difficult case of Lieutenant Owen Sinclair is referred to her, she's not certain she can handle it – not for any lack of skill, but because she finds the man himself a huge distraction. A towering mountain of muscle and intimidation, Lieutenant Sinclair might be just the shock she needs to help her discover a world of pleasure she never dreamed existed. 

Owen Sinclair doesn't like doctors. He doesn't like discussing his past and he's perfectly content to battle his demons on his own. The retired seal refuses to seek help for the memories that haunt his dreams until his CO sets him up in a last bid to save his sanity. Dr. Genevieve Thomas, however, is the last thing he ever expected to come across in a psychological evaluation. Her smooth, dark skin and entrancing eyes immediately enthrall him, and he quickly realizes that he must decide which is more important: his pride, or obsession with the woman slowly but surely saving his soul from the darkness that threatens it?

This BWWM Navy Seal Interracial Romance has drama, passion and romance around every turn. Get your copy today!

CAUTION: Includes hot interracial sex scenes! 18 or older.

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