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Unbearable (A Keystone Novel, Book 3): A Keystone Novel, #3

258 pages4 hours


No matter how hard Kelsey Martin tried, she couldn’t shake the deliciously sinful Tucker Peters out of her mind. He’s everything she wanted in a man and more. There’s only one problem—he’s also her best friend. Tucker is a bear shifter, and being thrust into his world without warning didn’t deter her feelings in the least.

From the moment Tucker Peters laid eyes on Kelsey he knew he’d do anything to be with her. After what seemed like forever, she finally agreed to give him a chance, but of course, nothing is ever that easy.

Danger and secrecy is the name of the game, and it hits close to home. Kelsey falls victim to an experiment gone wrong, and accepting her fate may be impossible. Something Tucker may never forgive himself for…

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