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The Great Deception: Perilous Times, #2

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The Great Deception: Perilous Times, #2

Length: 208 pages3 hours


The second novel in the Christian end times series, Perilous Times.

During the first three and a half years, the new world leader emerges and reorganizes the countries of the world into ten provinces and remakes its economy. Then disasters begin occurring as predicted in the Bible. The first trumpet announces hail and fire mixed with blood, which kills 1/3 of plant life. The second announces a great mountain, an asteroid, burning with fire from space that's hurled into the sea and kills 1/3 of ocean life. The third is a comet that turns 1/3 of the waters bitter. The fourth extinguishes 1/3 of the light from the sun, moon, and the stars. The fifth, those that aren't sealed by God are harmed by demon possessed "locusts." The sixth, world war three occurs. The seventh, will be in the next novel, the next three and a half years. As they deal with this, the Emperor has to put up with two witnesses who show up in Jerusalem, preaching the Gospel, and warning of the beast and the false prophet. As the Emperor deals with the disasters, the witnesses, and the Jews in Israel, the world moves closer to the middle of the Tribulation, where the Emperor's life will change and the judgments begin to ramp up.

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