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Alien Savior

165 pages2 hours


A Steamy Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Paranormal Romance

This is a full-length novel with no cliffhangers

Danielle Bowery has lost everyone she's ever loved. As one of the one percent of immune humans left to watch the earth languish and die, she's resigned herself to a life of solitude. All of that changes, however, with the arrival of a mysterious alien prince offering salvation for the human race. When Danielle realizes she's to become his queen, she will discover that it will take much more than simple chemistry with the gorgeous prince to make their marriage work. It will take fortitude, courage, and strength.

Prince Kael Al'Hazzar has always been strong. As one of his Empire's foremost warriors and the future king, he has never questioned his willingness to do the right thing. When he takes a human bride to show his support for their assimilation, however, he learns that it will take much more than simple physical strength to understand his human bride. It will take the softening of his heart, and a leap of faith he never before considered.

This Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Paranormal Romance has action, adventure and romance around every turn. Get your copy today!

CAUTION: Includes hot sex scenes and intense action! 18 or older.

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