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14 A Whole Culture Awaits

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As the malcontents of Thuringa chafe under the good rule of King Stuart, elsewhere in the galaxy things are in upheaval. Darien’s exile is brutally interrupted by duplicity from a former aide, who steals the Solenil and kidnaps Darien’s young son. Marty Sheridan offers to help and goes to the Shargassi stronghold of Kasah Galp, a legendary prison, to free the child. Marty also comes to the aid of the world of Pleoni, where his mysterious background and unknown quality help him deal with trouble there. Oriel Phillipi finds herself drawn to the former General of the Ground Command Argo Garin, and his concern for one of his kindred. Athena Garin is summoned to live on her mother’s homeworld, where she is expected to put aside her warrior training and live as a fully developed Chassiren. This causes a cold rift between the Queen of Chassiren Agonaday Phia and the Queen Mother of Thuringa, Oriel Phillipi. Keleigh Shanaugh, now recovered from her injuries during the Great Attack, is summoned to board the Solenil, unaware Darien is no longer at the helm.

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