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How I Got to Yesterday: a Fictionalized Memoir

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A thoughtful 20th Century narrative, How I Got to Yesterday a Fictionalized Memoir by Paul Sedlock, covers five decades in the life of working class everyman David Crobak. Divided into six parts with a rich cast of colorful characters, the novel follows David from the Midwest to the West through turbulent times. His adventures, faults, and fears lead him toward addiction, recovery, and a growing acceptance of who he is and where he belongs.

"An evocative narrative of one thoughtful man's American life in the 20th century, overshadowed by politics, sex, guilt, and too many Happy Hours."

"Sedlock's prose (especially when evoking childhood) is as sharp, glittering, and dead-on as the edges of a broken bottle, and he shows considerable generosity of spirit in granting even minor background figures deep inner lives and intellect."

--“Kirkus Reviews”

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