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The Bible In an Evening: The Bible Story from Genesis to Revelation In 90 Minutes

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‘The Bible in an Evening’ is great resource for people new to the Bible, or established Christians who would like to refresh their knowledge of its content.
This book is offered to those who prefer to start with a briefer overview of the Bible than that previously offered as ‘The Bible in a Day’; 90 minutes instead of 7½ hours.
‘The Bible in a Day’ is a précis of the books containing history narrative: Genesis to Esther plus Daniel, and Matthew to Acts plus Revelation. Coverage of the other books varies between a précis and the briefest summary - as with Psalms and Proverbs - dependant on their content.
The shorter read time of ‘The Bible in an Evening’ is made possible by further reducing the detail from the history narrative and only making a passing reference to the other books. Nevertheless, the reader is still able to gain a good understanding of the Bible story from Genesis to Revelation.

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