I'm Dressed, You're Not

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I'm Dressed, You're Not

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If you know fifty males, one of them is a crossdresser / a heterosexual transvestite / a “TV “ (slang).., none of which is a negative term (look ‘em up). That could mean 1 on the Oakland Raiders and every other 50-man NFL roster and 160 of the 6,000 L.A. cops might wear a little black dress come Friday night. If you’re coping with that particular situation, this could be a very disturbing time for you. It doesn’t have to be. This may be the book for you. The author has dealt with it since he was five years old. He’s married, a father and a Grandpa. And is doing just fine. “I’m Dressed, You’re Not” is intelligent, educational, tender and humorous. It’s not anyone’s “journey”, and you won’t find a “female trapped in a man’s body”. In the Los Angeles radio market they called Johnny Gunn, “The Midday Nice Guy”.
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