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Hezbollah - Cuckoo in the Nest

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In the book Catalonia - way to conflict the author offered the scenario of Hezbollah and Iran using an independent Catalonia  - a region in Northern Spain bordering France with 7.5 million inhabitants and a Muslim minority of 400,000 - as a stepping stone into Europe.

In Catalonia – way to conflict the author offered this and similar scenarios as one of the key reasons for the European political elites and the European institutions to shy away from granting the fanatised pro-independentist Catalans support for a nation state in the northern Spanish region.

The security risks for Europe of such an alliance are terrifying.

In the book Radical IsIam and Compliance in Financial Institutions the author showed why and how the financial sector should monitor terrorist organisations such as Hezbollah.

In this book we look more at what is Hezbollah, what are its criminal activities in Europe and how do they affect Europe.

Hezbollah is one of the most dangerous terror organisations in the World. It has killed more Americans than any other terror organization. European leaders have entered an understanding with Hezbollah that in return for not committing terror on European soil Hezbollah has been allowed to operate freely and use its European networks to fund terror elsewhere and to procure weapons and parts for Iran’s secret WMD programs.

This is against international law, against European norms and values and is likely to prove a very costly mistake and it is the European populations than will be paying the price.

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