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An Inconvenient Life

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In 2004 as the minister of a small church in Illinois, I began a series of studies designed to evaluate who we are as Christians and help each of us reach an ultimate goal of living and reacting to life more like Christ. From those eight original studies came this book. If you're curious as to how Jesus would respond in today's world or if you've ever thought to yourself that there must be something more, this book is for you. The book does not need to be consumed as one volume. Each chapter, each study stands alone and will excite your mind to think of many more possibilities in your walk with God. My intention is not to TELL anyone how it should be done. My intention is to raise the question, Are we doing it the best way we can? The world is going to impact us in some way. It is unavoidable. But we can control how we respond to the stimuli around us. Being Christian has never been harder than right now in history. Our predecessors may have faced death but they always had clear choices before them. Today's Christian in the United States of America may not be facing death but they are being persecuted and questioned over every choice of their lives. Here's a chance to decide just how you want to answer those questions before they are ever raised.

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