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Dragon Love

319 pages4 hours


Sparks fly, secrets are revealed, and perilous adventures begin when Chloe helps Tristan escape.
While on mission from inner-earth to the earth's surface, the evil subterranean meta-naturals intercepted Tristan's vessel. Taken to a laboratory run by a mad scientist, he is sedated and forced to participate in testings on himself and genetic experimentation.

In the meantime...
Private Investigator, Chloe Kennsington, in filtrates the laboratory while on a missing persons's case.

When she discovers Tristan, the chemistry between them is profound.

Here's what a few readers are saying...

"Some books deserve more than the five stars allowed, and to me this was one of them. I actually read this book twice before writing this review. There was so many unexpected characters throughout this story that every time I turned another page I was caught up in it once again. This was a book that would surely entertain for hours..."

"This book is a Dragon shifter romance...The plot was very different and I noticed mention of vampires from another of this authors book so that was interesting how she incorporated them together. (You dont have to read the other books) All in all a really great read with such imagination! I dont know how she comes up with some of the thing she does but it's amazing!"

"This book was NOTHING like what I expected. It is pure science fiction and fantasy in one. We meet humanoids from the earth surface, meta-humanoids, and inner-earth humanoids. It was truly a book that held so many unexpected things that I am going to have to read it a second time. I cannot think of a book that I have written a review about that I said I needed to read it again. We get to visit different types of shifters from wolves, to dragons, to vampires in this book. Eileen Sheehan definitely showed a devious side in this book with the things that happens, but at the same time, you see that romantic side show up in some of the things that happen. Enjoy the book. I look forward to rereading it again very soon!"

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