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These pages are about that inner journey, the ‘Journey Of A Soul’, published at this point of my life, as I am getting ready to take the next step.My relationship with God that Eternal Essence that permeates everything, really started when I was able to free myself from the chains of organized religion and from the clutches of science’s materialistic dogma. Then, I found my inner path and discovered my own resources. These allowed me to establish an ever deeper communion with GOD.Temples, dogmas, rituals and the intervention of professional theologians became useless. This event took place in the realm of my inner silence. With the passing of time, I have become some sort of an urban shaman, not to others, but to myself, in a trek which is taking me towards an ever expanding send of Unity.It could be said that I have been a direct observer of my surroundings and a seeker of my own truth, within an increasingly expanding framework of freedom. These writings have been generated gradually as my spiritual vistas have changed over the years. They do not present a coherent system. Instead, they are like snapshots that have been taken at each turn along the way, whenever a new landscape has emerged. This process covers a period that spans from my youth to my senior years, and is about someone who has searched for his own answers in a tireless and honest fashion.
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