The Highlander's Secret Baby: A Highland Shifter Tale, #4

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The Highlander's Secret Baby: A Highland Shifter Tale, #4

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars3.5/5 (13 ratings)
Length: 41 pages34 minutes


Skye MacBay fell in love with Maddock Lusk three years ago. Their time together was brief, but it left Skye with something precious. Now Maddock has blown back into her life and she's determined to tell him about the secret she's kept the past three years. Except the chemistry between them is just as explosive as ever and before she can get the words out, he's kissing her with a hunger that sets her on fire. Maddock has known from the very first that Skye is his destined mate. He's spent a very long three years living like a monk. First her father, alpha of her pack, kept them apart. Now it's her brother standing in the way, but Maddock will have one last taste no matter the consequences. When they're caught, he must run once more, but he knows that things between them are far from over. When a determined tiger and a sassy wolf get together, sparks will fly. But only through a strength neither realized they possessed will they be able to come together once and for all.

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