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Tiger's Claim: A Highland Shifter Tale, #3

45 pages41 minutes


Tiger shifter, Brochan Kinley, is tired of waiting for his destined mate, but maybe asking his current girlfriend to marry him wasn't the best idea - especially when she leaves him standing at the altar! But despite how much that messes with his mind, it doesn't excuse what he does next. Fenella Sinclair didn't mean for things to go so far, but she's always admired the beta of the local ambush. She's been infatuated with him ever since she saw him shift several years ago, and doesn't care if he claims she's too young for him. But her one moment of stupidity has consequences. When Brochan realizes Fenella is carrying his cub, he knows he should step up and do the right thing, but he's still feeling the sting of her sister's rejection. What's a tiger to do when everything he's ever wanted is within his grasp if only he'd dare to reach for it?

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