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Beyond Pregnancy Loss: From Heartbreak To Healing

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‘Beyond Pregnancy Loss: From Heartbreak To Healing’ provides parents who have lost babies with a source of comfort and healing. The unique aspect of the publication is that it goes beyond the facts and figures to walk parents through a healthy grieving process. ‘Beyond Pregnancy Loss: From Heartbreak To Healing’ also features moving accounts in their own words from women around the world. They express their grief, anger and often guilt that they could have done more to protect their unborn child and share the individual ways they continue to honour their babies’ memories.

The author Helen Abbott includes her own story of her excruciating decision, with her husband David, to undergo the medical termination of her first pregnancy in 2006. Rose from Victoria shares her touching story of the far reaching impact the death in utero of her daughter Rose Jr. 18 years ago has had on her life and family. In the course of sharing her story over 17 pages she reaches a place of healing where she is able to open up to her two surviving children about the tragedy for the first time.

Helen said like many of the women who offered their stories for publication, Rose found re-living her experience painful but ultimately cathartic. Pregnancy Loss Australia, Australia's Leading support group for bereaved parents, has enthusiastically endorsed ‘Beyond Pregnancy Loss: From Heartbreak To Healing’ and will be recommending it to clients.

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