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Search for the Lost Girls

779 pages13 hours


It is a search for five vanished girls, backpackers last seen in outback Australia. Fragments and clues are found but no solid traces. A man's dairy tells their story.
Finally one person emerges from obscurity without memory who may be one. and gradually the pieces of her disappearance and that of the others are reassembled.
These two books in a box set tell the final part of this series story.

The Crocodile Dreaming Series tells the story of an English backpacker who goes travelling to outback Australia and meets a charming but dangerous man who appears to have been involved in the disappearance of four other girls. She escapes but the consequences follow her and she ends up arrested and charged with murder. Finally she is released but then vanishes herself. Her friends, family and the police search but find no trace. Meanwhile the search proceeds for the other missing girls, each last seen in different locations across the remote parts of Australia.

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