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Burden of Proof

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For nine years, Vic Landell is a star pitcher in the Major Leagues. When his elbow finally gives out, he retires to paradise - the Gulf Coast of Florida. With millions in the bank and no other skills, he ponders his second act. His father is a detective so he becomes a private investigator. After a year of peeking into bedroom windows and searching garbage cans, he meets the woman of his dreams - a statuesque TV anchor/lawyer with definite femme fatale possibilities. Then, a close friend is found dead at a ballpark under suspicious circumstances. Unhappy with how the Police are handling the case, he takes up the hunt himself. When it becomes obvious his pal has been murdered, it is Game On! With the help of his pistol-packin’ girlfriend and his savvy father, he strives to find the killer before the team leaves Florida. Set against the background of Spring Baseball in the Grapefruit League, “Burden of Proof” is many things - a mystery, a romance, a courtroom drama and, above all, lots of fun.

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