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Why Your Ministry Facebook Page Isn’t Working: Let’s Fix It!

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Tap into the power of social media. Make it work for you.
Like. Dislike. Repost. Hide.
How has social media affected your church? Are you aware of all the advances to using social media in your ministry? Are you making it work for your church? How can your ministry fully take advantage of everything social media has to offer?
Why Your Ministry Facebook Page Isn’t Working will help you discover how to make social media work for your ministry. From evaluating your church’s social media pages to redesigning your vision to gaining momentum, this book will help you start conversations, bring people into your church, and advance God’s kingdom. Learning how to use social media won’t instantly cause your church or ministry to explode overnight. But it will provide you with opportunities to touch the lives of unchurched people in ways you never dreamed possible.

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