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Zombie Horde

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Four years ago, the Earth began to bleed – and a zombie plague infested our world...

Ed, once a comic book writer and a drunk, is now a seasoned veteran of the apocalypse. With his tough-as-nails friend Marie, he joins a small team on a supply run into hostile territory. When disaster strikes, their armoured truck is destroyed and the group find themselves on foot – far from any safe haven... and hunted by a flesh-hungry horde of the undead.

Their sole chance of finding a new vehicle means a hazardous four mile trek. Areas of vegetation have become jungles. Lethal pools of Earth’s Blood block their path. Zombies are closing-in from all directions. Every conflict diminishes their supplies of ammunition. They grow exhausted, are hampered by injury and must endure the sheer, relentless horror of their pursuers...

In a devastating climax, Ed and his companions face a battle for survival: a handful of the living against almost two hundred thousand of the ravenous undead. Can any of them possibly overcome such odds?

Zombie Horde is the first Short Tale in the new series ‘The Earth Bleeds’ – from the author of God Of War and his best-selling Short Horror Tales.

Here are some reviews from this author’s horror releases:

“...thoroughly spooky, enticing and well written from start to finish.”
“...great... I could feel the fear...”
(Glancing Blow – Short Horror Tales #1)
“Great short story...”
(Ignition Source – Short Horror Tales #4)
“...well-written, descriptive and enthralling page-turner, that’s not for the faint-hearted... The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat...”
(God Of War)
“...extremely well written and very dark. The author did a great job of creating a palpable sense of doom that surrounds the main character from the beginning, and then creating more tension and horror as the story went on...”
(Into The Hole)

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