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Drones of the Ravaging Wind

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"Readers nostalgic for the flash and dazzle of pulp derring-do will find this adventure tale a fitting homage."— Publishers Weekly
Reprinting the June, 1935 issue of The Twilight Patrol exactly as it might have appeared ... if it ever appeared ... The strangest adventurers of all time have banded together to fight the dreaded Mysteriarchs of the Abyss — an ancient and vilified order of wizards, or demigods, or fallen angels. With their insatiable appetite for destruction, the Mysteriarchs would sow the seeds of nothingness and reap a harvest of eternal horror — transforming the War to End All Wars into the War to End All But War!
The Twilight Patrol is: Captain Hollister Congrieve — A scrappy orphan who became one of the most feared aces of the Great War, a patriot ever alert for trouble; Captain Orville Wootin — A mad genius, brilliant airman, spymaster, poet and philosopher, who never fails to deliver the goods — except when he’s out of his mind; Cassiopeia Peyotrovna Lampreyv — Deposed queen of a hidden Carpathian kingdom, driven by a passionate blood lust; Chaim Ben-Zimra — The queen’s private physician, a cabbalist and mystic with a preternatural understanding of the dark forces threatening our mortal realm; Lael — Beautiful and mysterious, part of a strange union of agents known only by their purple eyes. She is never who (or what) she seems. To the annals of pulp fiction, they are the strangest band of adventurers ever assembled to defend our mortal coil from the ambassadors of darkness!

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