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BRAT and the Kids of Warriors

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Adventure, spies, dealing with bullies, and serious ingenuity abound in this fascinating story of Army brat Jack McMasters and his sisters. The author is a master at bringing to life the unique lifestyle of kids growing up in a military family overseas, tightly bound by strict discipline and enjoying great freedom. Any infraction reflects upon, and can influence, their parents’ careers, but none of that limits these kids, whose fathers fought in World War II and are now back in Germany facing an enemy that all the parents are determined to keep secret from the children. When attacked by a bully and his thugs on his first day at yet another new school, Jack quickly teams up with other brats to figure out a way to overcome their common adversaries. Always ready to explore and invade their enemies' territory, the brats pursue one adventure after another, building toward a grand quest in answer to a challenge issued by a disgruntled teacher.

Those who are not familiar with the military lifestyle may wonder at the ease with which Jack and his sisters make both friends and enemies at school, where they are, once again, the new kids. Through encounters and conversations, the reader hears tales of heroism and blunder, learns little-known facts about the times during which the story takes place, and meets people of another land; one that only recently tried to destroy their parents and their way of life.
BRAT and the Kids of Warriors is an excellent, spell-binding read for young adults, as well as adults. An intriguing cliff-hanger at the end makes me eager to read the next book in what promises to be a wonderful series.

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