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Huntress: Origins

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“From the best-selling author of THE AMAZON'S PLEDGE comes a new erotic novella exploring the origins of the love-hate relationship between the mage-slaying huntress Valuri Sorvaal and the fugitive sorcerer Jorem Farr. Packed with Sarah Hawke’s typical mix of fantasy action, wry humor, and explicit sex, HUNTRESS: ORIGINS is an exciting interlude that should satisfy new and old fans alike.”

As a sorcerer in a city that hates magic, I’ve spent most of my life on the run from the Inquisitrix’s hand-picked assassins. Part vampire, part succubus, and all crazy, the Senosi Huntresses would be sexy as hell if they weren’t constantly trying to kill me.

When one of them finally caught up with me, I thought I was dead—but it turned out she just wanted to make a deal. Together we’re going to track down the city’s biggest criminal mastermind, a lotus-peddling slaver who used to be my boss. In exchange, she’s going to help me escape the city.

Is this plan insane? Yes. Will we get ourselves killed? Probably. Can I possibly turn down a woman in tight leather and high heels who wants to suck me dry?

Not a chance.

HUNTRESS: ORIGINS is an action-packed erotic fantasy novella that serves as a prequel to THE AMAZON'S PLEDGE series (26,000 words).

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