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Just Tell Me I'm Pretty

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Heather LeRoss has the perfect life ... until she wakes each morning. Then it gets real.

REAL life means days spent wondering why there’s pee on the ceiling, everything is sticky, and how there are only 37 left foot socks in the laundry. It’s hiding in the closet (which was happening way before it was the popular hangout) with a box of good chocolate and meeting new neighbors while walking the dog ... in a rhinestone studded tiara.

Just Tell Me I’m Pretty chronicles everything in life from the humiliation of soiling oneself in IKEA (c’mon, haven’t we all done this at one point?), why one should always be mindful of their butt, to how to diet the right way. Heather shares the joys and heart-aches of helping her ADHD son find his find his place in a non-ADHD world, while ensuring his brother doesn’t get lost in his shadow. Just Tell Me I’m Pretty is not simply another parenting book about funny stuff kids have done – it’s a book on reality; good, bad, sticky, and pee-stained.

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