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The Last Believer

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The final religious war is here.

Two days from today Earth experiences a beautiful world-wide aurora that baffles scientists. The next day a pandemic starts. There is no vaccine, no cure. 

We call them 'The Fevers'.

They experience excruciating pain, intense paranoia, and incredible hyperactivity. The madness of the fever combined with the pain propels them to kill, kill those of other faiths. It is the only way to stop the pain.

The death of their victims brings them relief in the form of bliss, a tidal wave of bliss, more powerful than the strongest drugs. 

And so it begins.

Haafiz and Walid are picked up in East London on Day 2 of the outbreak and taken to the O2 Arena with one hundred thousand others. It is all going horribly wrong in the arena and the only person with a plan is a young thug that attends a school for the gifted. Can Mo save the children in the arena from certain death?

Planes from Israel are being shot down on their way to Alice Springs in the Australian outback. Is there a leak in Prime Minister Harold Haavist's office? Can Allen Silverstein, an atheist Jew, save the exodus? 

This is your future and it begins three days from today. Abandon the cities brothers and sisters.

You only get one chance to survive. 

Discover The Last Believer now before it's too late for you too

Cursing: Yes
Imaginary Sex: Yes (mild)
Satirical and Controversial Viewpoints: Overwhelmingly

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