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Meows, Magic & Elves: Lake Forest Witches, #6

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It's nearing Christmas and a magical time of year as Noah hopes to take first place in the Christmas lights extravaganza contest. That is, until he is forced to borrow Christmas decorations from Petunia's Aunt Maxine when none can be found at local stores. All his painstaking efforts of making the antique decorations more appealing in his front yard were for naught as someone or something redecorated his house.

Snoopy neighbor Cora accuses Petunia of conjuring up Noah's potential winning decorations. But that's the least of Petunia and Noah's worries as Lucy Winters reports her granddaughter Mallory missing.

Petunia has her own worries when something strange occurs that has her cats on edge. A normal person would think she has mice, but Petunia isn't exactly normal, she's a witch who believes elves just might be real.

Nothing is quite what it seems in this twisty tale. Pansy the cat, who was a man before Petunia's love potion changed him into a feline, is back and sassy as ever, but thankfully he only communicates with Petunia telepathically.

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