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Vitalis: Reloaded: Vitalis, #11

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Vitalis: Reloaded is book 11 in the futuristic science fiction series, Vitalis

In the year 2175 the planet Vitalis is still 33 years from being discovered. the Terran Coalition of Systems controls all of the known systems… and not everybody is happy about it. Some plot rebellions while others become pirates and raiders. Still others, those with the political clout and financial backing to do so, find another way. They've joined forces and bank accounts to express their displeasure with the status quo much like the colonists of earth's history did: they're starting over.

71 years later the colonization ship Aphrodite discovers a promising world. A world unlike anything the colonists have ever heard of before: a world with life on it. An expeditionary force is put together and sent to the planet's surface to examine the small jungle and the lake it surrounds.

The universe is a cold, dark, and inhospitable place. To survive a species must overcome hardship and long odds. Competition for resources is merciless and if the colonists want to succeed, they need to convince an alien world to share.

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