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Last Call Book Nine

716 pages12 hours


Safe Haven is leaving America
Safe Haven has abandoned the cursed mountain in search of a boat to take them to Pitcairn Island. Population cut in half, they have a long month of travel ahead and not enough fuel, water, food, or Eagles to make the journey. Forced to resume scavenging for their needs as they roll, the refugee camp is a target for other survivors who are still determined to be a part of that light. Angela needs to get her people south without being discovered. It is an impossible goal in a harsh, unforgiving environment where the only truth is survival.

Last Call. Who will go and who will stay?
The light is fading. The descendants in camp have been weakened. Forbidden by the boss to use their power or draw energy, the hosts are becoming fragile and the camp around them is helpless to protect their gifted members. When Angela leaves camp on a run and doesn’t return, Safe Haven begins to tear itself apart and not even Marc can stop it. Will Angela be found in time to keep them together or will an unknown contagion keep Safe Haven from getting on the boat at all?

Need to Know Information
Title: Last Call
Book Nine of Life After War
Length: 827 pages
Author: ©Angela White
Publisher: C9 Publications
ISBN#: 978-1-945927-57-7
Next in series: Setting Sail (Book 10) Life After War
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