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Promoting Student Success: What Are My Roles As A Parent

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Your child is priceless, and deserves to get the best from you. How would you feel in the next 30 years, if your child becomes the reputable man or woman you wished for? How would you feel to watch your child accomplish their dreams in life? You will definitely feel fulfilled.

With you in mind, Kelly has written Promoting Student Success. This book is essential for parents, teachers, mentors, coaches, and every individual who seeks to better a child's life.

- Chapter 1 concentrates on the Family. It describes how the family plays a significant role in your child's life.
- Chapter 2 dwells on Education. It helps parents understand the challenges their child face in their academics and how to help your child tackle the challenge and attain maximum success.
- Chapter 3 focuses on Career. Learn how to avoid forcing your dreams on your child and how to help your child pursue their passions professionally.
- Chapter 4 centers on your child's Future. It teaches you how to prepare your child for the future. It also includes the teacher's role in your child's future.
- Chapter 5 teaches about Values. Your child emulates your character. They watch and learn from you. What value would you rather teach them? This chapter carefully explains the importance of training your child in the right value system.

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