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The Fool.: Egyptian Tarot Trilogy, #1

304 pages4 hours


Ancient Egypt's dissolution. The end of Pharaoh Nectanebo II's reign. The Fool unites three unforgettable characters who struggle to hide a magical disk sent to earth by a child god of major mystery.

High Priest Nesatum has only known luxury. Raised by the last-born ancient ruler of Egypt: Pharaoh Nectanebo II, his unfailing devotion earns him the status of Egypt's supreme holy man. After being introduced to Mutemwia, Nectanebo's beautiful, talented and humble seer, Nesatum holds an unrequited love for her even though she must remain pure.

Mutemwia's veneration for the gods is undoubted, but when a magical disk lands in the river Nile sent by a child god of the Major Arcana: 'The Fool', a miracle changes her life. She foretells mankind's doom if three other celestial weapons are united with the disk: a wand a cup and a sword.

A paranormal chain of events is unleashed when the disk is presented to Pharaoh Nectanebo at Karnack temple and chaos ensues: Nectanebo is ignited with an unstoppable desire for power, Nesatum questions his faith and Ochus and his army approach Thebes.

As the Major Arcana gods threaten to destroy all that is held dear the triad must battle to hide the disk, remain loyal to one another, and survive.

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