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Checkmate: Poetry Made King

129 pages59 minutes


Ever wondered about the state of the world? Feeling helpless or clueless how to make a difference? Read Checkmate: a poetry book written to shed light on the shadow of humankind and bring to the forefront what hides in the dark. Although it is clear as day that our world is being destroyed by the greed of man, a solution to this predicament we have not. This is because the answer to this intricate puzzle lies in a place where most don't look: hidden in plain sight it is being ridiculed and labelled a 'conspiracy theory'. Yes we humans are indeed very much controlled and trained to turn a blind eye to all of the lies of our current Era. We keep voting new puppets onto the world stage while we root for our illusion of choice, as our limited choices are narrowed down to bad or worse. Well this ends here. This unfair live chess game that is being played on our human race will finally be brought to justice.

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