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Ain't No Love Like My Hitta's

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All money, ain’t good money, this saying is true. But when life leaves you no choice, you do what you have to do.

Myauna was all too familiar with bad choices. And after her sister is killed, Myauna turns away from street love, reaches her goals, and pursues her life’s plan. Yet, somehow, someway, she still ends up loving the wrong man.

With one foot in and one foot out, she finds herself in awe of someone new. Jassaun was different, sweet, and charming too. But he isn’t quite who he says that he is, and Myauna doesn’t have a clue.

He was a hitta’, a thug, the same type that she’d come to hate. Will she find out before there’s a world of trouble, or will she be too late?

Things spin out of control, and Myauna tells Jassaun to choose. But if he chooses her and love, what and who else will he lose?

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