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Sometimes People We Love Die: How to Talk to Kids About Death

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While death is something that impacts all of us at one time or another, it can be very tough to talk about. That challenge can be compounded when we are trying to help a child understand and adapt to the death of a loved one. This book is designed to help caring adults who are looking for guidance about how to have a constructive conversation with a child about this important topic. It follows the life of Isabella from when she first learns of her father's death, to family interactions, the funeral, trying to return to "normal" and eventually to making peace with her new circumstances. It highlights several well-intentioned (but not particularly helpful) comments that friends and neighbors sometimes make in this kind of situation. It shares examples of different ways to think and different ways to act that can potentially decrease the length of time bereaved family members suffer. Of course no two situations are exactly the same, but there are some fairly common occurrences and emotional roller coasters that a caring adult can help a child prepare for. At the end of the book there are over 20 links to additional expertise and insights relative to helping children deal with death.

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