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Cutting the Bloodline

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Not everyone is born innocent.

A generation of defective children were abandoned. They grew up on the fringes, without rights, without a way to change their fate.

Small-time journalist Kenton Hicks is driven to tell their stories, but these are not stories everyone wants told. As he digs deeper, he finds that the discovery of the criminal gene, the foundation of their crime-free utopia, isn’t quite the salvation it promised to be.

Armed with a book that could bring down the government, Kenton finds the country’s future in his hands.

Some see him as a saviour, others as a traitor. Time is running out for him to choose which he wants to be.

A fast-paced, page-turning political thriller set in a future dystopian Britain. If you like stories of political corruption, oppressive governments, genetic selection, the loss of humanity, if you like everyday heroes and are always rooting for the underdog, you'll love Cutting the Bloodline.

“Cutting The Bloodline is a vivid portrayal of a scarily real future, and the man who risks his life to expose the truth. Insightful, original, imaginative, and a great read.”
Tony Benson, author of An Accident of Birth

Now includes BONUS spin-off short story The Vincent Orphanage.

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