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Hoarder's Nightmare

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Beware of your stuff taking on a life of its own.
Do you think you might be a hoarder? Read about Mina, who buys something from a thrift store and has major trouble with it. Something gets lost in the clutter and could involve legal trouble! Read as she travels to distant places and finds treasures, bargains, and maybe even finds romance. But can it last?
Hoarder's Nightmare is not for everyone. Stream of Consciousness novels require people to think about what they are reading. It also involves thinking about why the author wrote what they wrote. If you enjoy thinking you may like Hoarder's Nightmare. It features many elements of popular modern fiction and if you are a thinking person you should give it a try. Please remember to review after reading.
Did you ever think that you are not like everyone else? It can be tough to figure out who is making sense. Maybe everyone is making sense, to someone. Finding the person with whom you share your unique brand of personality can be incredible.
Enjoy Mina's wanderings and see if you can tell where they are going, and what they stem from. You can make your life whatever you want it to be. Sounds mysterious, but if you are meant to read this book, you will and you will then enter Mina's world.
Hoarder's Nightmare is like nothing you've ever read before. If you're fascinated by The Hoarders or any of the spin off shows, you'll love Hoarder's Nightmare. If you're a bit of a hoarder yourself, you may see yourself in the personalities herein.
Mina has reasons for hoarding. She never felt like she had enough as a child, and now is afraid of not having enough. She also feels that stuff = control, and she desperately wants control in her life. Read how she handles these intense emotions.

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