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Fashioned to Be Fruitful

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At creation, He said, “Let there be light” and the Bible recorded that “There was light.” He also said, “Let the earth forth grass, herbs and trees,” and the Bible recorded that these things also came to be. When He also commanded man to be fruitful, as soon as those words were uttered, every single thing man needed in order to be fruitful was deposited inside him. Do you know you don’t have any reason to remain unfruitful in any area of your life? You are not expected to be unfruitful in body, in business, or spiritually. It is because inside you lie the innate ability to be fruitful. Your DNA, your genes and your character all have the seed of fruitfulness embedded in them. God cannot tell you to be fruitful when he knows that you don’t have the ability to be fruitful.

This book shows you how to activate fruitfulness!

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