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Crash into Me

161 pages2 hours


Alexei Alexandrov enjoys the finer things in life: expensive booze, cars, nice clubs, endless strings of women. He's never had a problem getting what he wants when he wants it, since his family is arguably one of the richest in either America or Russia. But when his father dies suddenly in a car accident, his mother tells him on no uncertain terms that it's time to stop acting childish and take his place as the head of the family business. He has one year to find a wife himself, or she'll find one for him.

Petulant about being told what to do, Alexei has no plans to look for a woman, but he runs into one anyway. Quite literally, as it turns out. Emma Jackson is not in the mood to be yelled at by some fancy Russian guy in clothes that probably cost more than her car, especially when he's the one who hit her car in the first place, and she's not going to take it. Of course, as fate would have it, she runs into him less literally more than once, and after a series of coffee dates and drinking excursions, she comes to learn more about him and finds that they aren't so different. And that the chemistry between them is undeniable. But just when it seems like things might work out alright, they learn in a big way that Alexei's father's death might not have been the accident it appeared to be and that the people responsible have a new target, Alexei himself.

This BWWM Interracial Romance has drama, passion and romance around every turn. Get your copy today!

CAUTION: Includes hot interracial sex scenes! 18 or older.

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