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I Am The Night: I Am The Night, #1

I Am The Night: I Am The Night, #1

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I Am The Night: I Am The Night, #1

92 pages
1 hour
Jan 13, 2018


Jovani Nightingale wanted to rid the world of men like him—an immortal who wanders the night preying on unsuspecting humans. He has spent years loveless and cold, afraid of his desire for human blood, until he meets Hannah who makes him feel like living again, but how can he make known to her that he's a vampire without her running screaming into the night?

Hannah St. John a college student living with her parents has little interest in men because she hasn't met the one who will rouse her passion for life, fill her body with joy and satisfaction, and drain her of doubts and fears, and set her free. That was until she met the brooding, sensual, and extraordinarily handsome, Jovani Nightingale, who she will fall in love with and is willing to follow him anywhere.

Will there be another who will dare stand in the way of a vampire who's in love?   


Jan 13, 2018

About the author

My name is Rachel E. Rice. I have been writing since I was a teen. I enjoy reading and writing romance fiction.You can contact me at: rachelerice04@gmail.com; I have written several novels and short stories. My short reads are: The Captain and the Virgin; The Captain's Lady and the Pirate; The Captain's Revenge: a Triangle of Love and Sex; and two novellas: Book 1 Seduced by an Earl and Book 2: The Naked Countess. A historical novella set in 1960: Tamika Jade: The case of the Girl with the Rose Tattoo.My contemporary novels are: The Obsession series, which begins with Book 1: Warm Bodies, Cold Hearts; Book 2 in the series is Naked Obsession. Book 3 : Burning Obsession.These following books are erotic romances. Book 1: The Incredible Mr. Black. Book 2: Temptation in Black, and Book 3: Submission To Black. All books are available and books 4 Black Tie Affair and 5 Mourning Becomes Black was published in 2016. Coming soon Book 6, Fade To Black will be available in Jan. 2017.Because I enjoy writing in different genres, my New Adult novel: Finding Summer, is available for purchase as well as another stand-alone edition: One Desire.My Werewolf Series Book 1: Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf finds a Mate, and Book 2: Insatiable: A Werewolf's Hunger is available where all e-books are sold. Book 3 of the Insatiable Series is available as well as seven more books in this series.When I'm not writing, I am watching movies and riding throughout the U.S meeting people.I have a degree in education and I reside in Texas.

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Book Preview

I Am The Night - Rachel E. Rice

I Am The Night

Book 1

A Vampire Night Series

By Rachel E Rice

Copyright 2018 by Rachel E Rice


If you haven’t read the Soul of A Vampire books one two and three, they’re on sale for a low price. The books should be read in order.  Enjoy and sign up to my newsletter for coming attractions, cover reveals, and free giveaways. You can always contact me at rachelerice04@gmail.com and I promise you I will answer your emails. Please leave a review if you enjoyed the books and try the box set.

Soul of A Vampire Box Set


COPYRIGHT © 2018 BY Rachel E Rice

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Please do not participate in or encourage the piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights. Purchase only authorized editions.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. No reproduction of this book part or whole is permitted. This book should not be scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without the author’s permission.

Chapter One

When Hannah St. John boarded the subway and arrived at Columbia College for her evening class, another young woman was being stalked by a predator.

Where have you been, Hannah? I thought I would see you before today. You don’t go out drinking like some of us freshmen who are fucking tired of listening to our parents saying, ‘Don’t do this and don’t do that. Are you smoking that stuff?’ For Christ sake, they can’t even ask that question with a straight face as if they didn’t drink and smoke when they were our age.

Bryan and Hannah turn the corner passing the admission’s office heading for the lecture hall in room D.

Hannah trotted along with Bryan a tall thin guy who likes preppie from Hollister Abercrombie AE. She didn’t answer him letting him talk and getting his frustrations out before they got to class, and picking up two friends along the way. Where did you sneak off to? Been to Paris or Italy lately, I know you said you were planning on going there? Gabriela said trailing behind her holding Chase’s hand.

Hannah stops and sucks in a deep breath. It was just wishful thinking on my part. I couldn’t get out of Manhattan if I wanted to, Hannah said as she continued walking with her head down not looking anyone in the eyes. Her hands clutching tightly to the strap across her chest holding her heavy bag resting on her side.

That’s too bad, Gabriela said. But you’ll get there. You’re focused. Hannah knew Gabriela meant well. She wasn’t like some of the other rich girls she had met attending private schools around New York. 

Her first choice wasn’t Colombia University but she accepted the scholarship because she couldn’t afford to go where she wanted—Princeton. Somewhere it was warm. California preferably.

Here she met and took up with a bunch of rich kids who would rather be close to home where they could milk their parents for cash and they didn’t have to accept any responsibilities.

Unlike Hannah’s parents, their parents could afford to pay for them to stay on campus, but they opted for apartments. Apartments she could never afford even if she graduated and got her dream job which she didn’t know what that would be.

I have to concentrate on my classes, she said half apologizing. I can’t afford to lose my scholarship. I got some bad grades and my parents don’t have the funds to pay my tuition if I flunk these classes. I don’t think you’ll see me much except between classes.

You can move in with me, Gabriela said. I have a comfortable couch and it would be fun having someone with me, her smile as warm as her brown eyes. Just think about it. You don’t have to listen to your parents rag about drinking and pick up your clothes, don’t sleep late and don’t forget to go to class. How are you able to date living with your parents anyway?

She isn’t, Chase said as they neared the door to the lecture hall. He opened it. I’ve asked her over and over to go out with a friend of mine and she said no. Chase and Bryan could be twins if one was a little taller. Both had light brown hair and both had blue eyes and dressed almost the same except for the colors they chose. That might have been the only difference in the two of them.

Maybe she’s not into me, a voice said from behind them. On the other hand, I haven’t asked Hannah. I’ll know when she’s ready to take that step right, Hannah, Justin said.

Hannah walked slowly into the hall looking around for a seat. The lecture hadn’t started. Students were milling about looking for a seat in the back. Normally Hannah would sit in front, but since she met these friends she changed her seating arrangement and lost focus on what she had to do to pass the class and hold on to her small scholarship. 

What about this evening. Come with us, Bryan said. We’ll see that you’re home early.

I’ll even pay for your cab, Justin said as Hannah walked ahead of him. She glanced up at Justin who stood six feet. Light brown hair and steely gray eyes. He had not been a part of the group. Somehow he had inserted himself into a group of well to do kids unlike Hannah who they seem to like but tolerated Justin.

Hannah was without pretense and she never promoted herself. She never

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