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When Harlee Brooks became a big country music star, she knew that a lot would change. Her personal life would be public and every move would be watched. The only thing she didn't count on was not being able to date anyone without the press and the paparazzi in her face. She opted to make a huge change. She hoped the move to a tiny town in Georgia would give her the freedom she'd lost, but instead she's confronted with the same old guys. Just when she was about to give up, a man is put in her path that makes her re-think everything. Only one problem....he's a doctor.

Jake Thompson was handsome, tall, buff and everything else a woman could want. He'd been single for so long he forgot what dating was even like. He wasn't about to give up the single life for just any woman. She had to be pretty special. When Harlee showed up at his hospital that day, he didn't waste a single moment. She was gonna be his next girlfriend. He would bypass whatever he had to for just one date....that is until he learned why she was single.

A choice had to be made whether their lives went on apart or together. A choice they both had to make. The choice was harder than either of them would ever realize.

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