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Big Bad Wolf: Fairy Tale Romance, #4

345 pages4 hours


A Fairy Tale Romance 

Molly knew she should be afraid of Wolf Trevelyan. After all, it was said that he was responsible for his wife’s death several years earlier. He had a reputation as a wicked man without scruples, and was, by all accounts, a man to be avoided. If rumors were to be believed, he was a beast. When she runs into Wolf on the path to her grandmother’s house the encounter is startling, but he doesn’t seem entirely wicked. 

Wolf is intrigued by the pretty redhead in the red cape. She should run from him, but she does not. She should be afraid, like all the others from the small town near his home, but she isn’t. When he sets out to seduce Molly he has no idea how difficult she can be. Or how much he has to lose in this game.

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