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Zombie Outbreak Survival: Clenched Fist

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Just for the sake of curiosity, a couple of years ago I wondered what some of the Great Speeches would sound like cast against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. And so, at the risk of what others might think, I zombified Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” speech, and JFK’s final speech delivered just before his assassination. These eBooks have been very well received by the zombie community—Thank you very much! Search for a copy of these and enjoy. These books (zombified speeches) are free to download everywhere. So, I thought I would try another speech.

In commemoration of President Barack Obama’s presidency and the proximity to the annual inauguration day. Here is his inaugural speech from January 20, 2009, zombified.

Who am I? I’m Captain "Freakin" Allen, USMC, a certified Zombie Outbreak Survival Expert. You already know you can count on me for great zombie apocalypse survival ideas, but I want you to come to me for all your zombie apocalypse and zombie outbreak needs. Of course, survival is my expertise. I promise to continue delivering the survival goods to you as I continue to write. I thought for this PSA, I would again take an interesting detour.

If you want the people you love to survive, you'll read all my zombie survival books. If you don't care if they survive, screw 'em...but read my books any how.

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