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Hunting a Master: Hunter Elite, #3

257 pages3 hours


In order to learn more about their adversary, Ari joins Spencer on a secret mission to question a master vampire. Their hope is that the bloodsucker will be able to give them some insights into Morgwen's plans. It won't be easy to extract the information from their ancient captive, but Von Hades is determined to get the answers they need. He will use Ari as his tool to achieve his ends no matter the cost to her.

When the Hunter Elite are sent on their next mission, they encounter a nest of monsters that have never existed before. More and more new creatures are cropping up, but they don't know where they are coming from, or how to stop the influx. A disturbing pattern is emerging, but they don't have all the pieces to solve this puzzle yet.

Even with the chaos that is looming over the horizon, Ari knows she won't face it alone. Her bond with Connor has deepened beyond either of their expectations, but it comes with risks. If word about their forbidden relationship spreads throughout the supernatural community, it could result in dangerous repercussions for them both.

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