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Invisible: Judicial Misconduct Exposed!

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INVISIBLE: Judicial Misconduct Exposed! Sample:

This title discusses judicial misconduct and ‘obstruction of justice’ by court officials and demonstrates how some have been made invisible at the hands of unethical lawyers, the courts and its clerks by a corrupt legal system. Imagine people exacting revenge and using their access and resources to block all resolution. See actual, recent proof of corruption, misconduct and injustice. Tile includes actual physical evidence and proof of deliberate deprivation of rights, editing, withholding, modifying filings and disregarding its own court’s rules and procedures.

This book demonstrates how some individuals are deliberately oppressed and denied rights by those that are in positions to manipulate the courts to ensure injustice continues. In this two-part title, the court system has been placed under the microscope from the view of the everyday citizen to reveal how it really works for the less fortunate.

This title was initiated from actual legal battles involving am Artist/Songwriter's personal experiences with major music publisher's and are derived from actual copyright infringements, breach of contracts and 'obstruction of justice' events, please visit:

Review for yourself, the corruption, the scandal and the 'system' which aids in dehumanizing the aspiring artist through willful and deliberate acts and inaction.

Also Available in EPUB or PDF at: or For more, visit Our Official Website:

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