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This dramatic and compelling story is based on the clashes that occurred in the center of Odessa and the fire in the Trade Union Building on 2 May 2014 that resulted in 48 deaths and injuries to both sides of the conflict. Lyudmila and Mykola, who with their friends and allies, defends the city of Odessa against the insurgence of Russian-backed mercenaries and their unwitting accomplices.
Lyudmila sat on a bench, brooding, with an itchy nervousness and an apprehension she did not like. Lyudmila was waiting for Mykola.
Events over the spring were to say the least, unsettling. Kiev, Crimea, Donbas; all in turmoil. Here in Odessa, pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces were mobilizing and the un-predictable nature of the situation put a tightness in her shoulders. Where was Mykola? She was anxious and wanted his company. Even so, a small smile came to her, as she thought of Mykola. She was waiting for him, there is to be a football match today, and hopefully that may release some of the tenseness in the city.
She saw him coming; he had an easy glide to his stride – a strength with confidence. He approached with a warm smile – he was happy to see her.

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