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Guardians of the Four

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Four monarchies have stood strong against alien threat for centuries, but now a new danger creeps closer to home. The Anti-Royalist Rebel Opposition has always been little more than an irritant, but over recent years, they’ve become increasingly active and violent. With dark forces ranged against the established order, the Brotherhood of the Virtuous Sun, unequalled in terms of combat skill, agrees to seek them out. Shae—adopted as a baby by the Brotherhood after the death of her parents—and her ‘brothers’, Asher and Francis, are ordered to investigate. But they won’t fight alone! The disciplined Captain Jared Marcos, together with the unorthodox Special Operations Commander Jake Mitchell, are called in to assist during the dangerous mission.
Shae must utilise all her unique abilities to succeed, but will she be able to achieve her objective when she’s faced with the clashing attentions of Marcos and Mitchell? And will she be able to keep her secret—a secret the Brotherhood has worked incredibly hard to keep—now that she’s working so closely with the military?
S. M. Tidball’s compelling sci-fi odyssey combines sharp, acerbic dialogue with an eye for detail and space-age drama in Guardians of the Four.

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