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Holly & Ivy: Zoe Martinique Investigation Series

28 pages22 minutes


Zoë's pulled by Rhonda to the Phoenix & Dragon for a Winter Solstice blessing around the mystery hole in the basement of the store. But that's not where Zoë's head's at. She's more worried about Detective Daniel Frasier and whether he'll wake from his coma. And about Dags McConnell, who mysteriously disappeared from the same hospital after helping she and Rhonda with Shadow People a week earlier. In essence, Zoë's given up hope of ever having a normal life. But it's the store ghosts and a box of bears that turn her around. 

This short story was written as a promo for the Phoenix & Dragon in Atlanta, Georgia. The ghosts mentioned in the story are real, and have been witnessed by both customers, workers, and the owner of the store, Candace Apple. The hole in the basement is real, and to this day, remains a mystery.

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