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Soul Cage: Zoe Martinique Investigation Series

98 pages1 hour


A bridge novella between GEIST (Book 5) and DOMINION (Book 6) of the Zoë Martinique Investigation Series, SOUL CAGE introduces the issues at stake at the opening of DOMINION. 

Dags is remembering Zoë, piece by piece. He sees her in fragmented images, yet always with two other women he feels are very important.  

But when Dags asks Rhonda who they are and why he remembers Zoë when Rhonda insists he and Zoë only just met, Rhonda refuses to answer. Curiosity drives him to seek council with Revenant Jason Lawrence, one of the few members of the Society he feels closest to. 

But when he and Jason leave the Society House, Rhonda's attempts to get him back separate a Revenant's First Born from their host and exposes a sinister infiltration of old devices and the real magical strength of her former lover. 

This is an ensemble narrative.

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